Are You Waiting to File for Bankruptcy? Here’s Why It’s Better to File Early

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  2. Are You Waiting to File for Bankruptcy? Here’s Why It’s Better to File Early
Are You Waiting to File for Bankruptcy Here’s Why It’s Better to File Early

File for bankruptcy or not? That’s a question many Americans face every day. Every late bill, every call from a debt collector, brings them closer to making a decision. Some feel it is better to try to fight the battle alone. But waiting to file for bankruptcy can be a big mistake for several reasons.

Stress Builds When You Wait.

Many life events cause anxiety and stress. In fact, scientific studies have shown links between depression and stress. Your ever-mounting debts could lead to unhealthy stress levels. Choosing to live with the pressure also could be detrimental to your job, your family, and your overall quality of life.

Bankruptcy does not have to be painful and may reduce your anxiety as you actively deal with your financial woes.

Debts Keep Building, Too.

The longer you delay filing for bankruptcy, the greater your burden of debt. For some people, their worsening financial situation means it’s just that much hard to get a fresh start.

Also, as the debt grows, calls from debt collectors increase. Then, the debt collection lawsuits might start arriving. Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on most collection efforts, but wouldn’t it be better to settle things before getting sued?

Worried About Stigma if You File for Bankruptcy?

Some people worry that filing for bankruptcy is a black mark against them. They may be embarrassed that their friends and family will know about their financial difficulties. However, most people understand that sometimes you need a fresh start.

You might file for bankruptcy because you lost your job, had unexpected expenses, or experienced mounting medical debts. Maybe you just lost track of your finances or spent more than you earned. Either way, bankruptcy can provide relief.

Most people find that anxiety caused by overwhelming debt far outweighs the potential for temporary embarrassment.

Waiting to File for Bankruptcy Is Not Always the Best Solution.

What is holding you back from filing for relief from your overwhelming debt? Please give us a call to discuss possible solutions, including filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Attorney Leslie Craft has the experience you need to deal with bankruptcy. Ms. Craft’s goal is always to help her clients get past their legal problems and get on with their lives. Consultations are free and only take about 30 – 45 minutes of your time. Your options may surprise and even excite you!

To schedule a free personal consultation, call Craft Law Offices at (252) 752-0297 or email us at My offices are located in Greenville, Morehead City, and Rocky Mount for your convenience. I also represent clients in surrounding Eastern North Carolina communities, including Warrenton, Elizabeth City, Roanoke Rapids, Goldsboro, and Jacksonville.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have to Be a Painful Process.

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