7 Ways to Lose Your North Carolina Driver’s License

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7 Ways to Lose Your North Carolina Driver’s License

Many people tend to view their North Carolina driver’s license as a right, not a privilege. However, it is possible to lose those driving privileges. Your license comes with a set of rules, regulations, and laws that all drivers must follow. When you violate those laws, your license can be revoked or suspended. We’re going to look at seven ways you can lose your North Carolina driving privileges.

#1.  Driving While Impaired

North Carolina laws set out the definition of driving while impaired from alcohol. You might be considered noticeably impaired with an alcohol concentration of at least 0.08. Commercial drivers face an even more stringent limitation of 0.04 alcohol concentration.

There are five levels of driving while impaired violations in North Carolina. Generally, though, if you are convicted of driving while impaired, your license will be revoked.

#2.  Driving with a Suspended or Revoked North Carolina Driver’s License

Some people can’t help themselves – they continue to drive while their North Carolina driver’s license is already suspended or revoked.

At the very least, you will get points on your license if you are caught. However, you may lose your license for additional time if your previous revocation was for driving while impaired. Your third offense likely will lead to a permanent suspension of your driving privileges.

#3.  Speeding

Not all speeding tickets lead to a suspension of your North Carolina driver’s license. However, if you are caught driving more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit while simultaneously driving more than 55 mph, your privileges could be revoked for a minimum of 30 days. The same punishment applies if law enforcement clocks you driving at more than 80 mph.

In some situations, your license could be revoked or suspended for up to six months. Generally, this means you have gotten more than two speeding tickets in a year or committed other traffic violations while speeding.

#4.  Accumulation of Points on Your North Carolina Driver’s License

Points are added to the driving records of people convicted of specific motor vehicle violations. The following situations could end with revocation or suspension of your North Carolina driver’s license:

  • You accumulate 12 points in a three-year time period.
  • Within three years after your license was reinstated, you accumulate eight points.

On the plus side, your points might be canceled upon reinstatement of your license.

#5.  Moving Violations While License Is Suspended

If your license is suspended, you certainly should not be driving. However, if you drive with a suspended license and get caught while committing a moving violation, the state could suspend your driver’s license. In fact, you could receive a permanent suspension if you get three or more offenses.

#6.  Failing to Appear at a Hearing

Many violations require you to attend at least one hearing. If you fail to appear, you could lose your North Carolina driver’s license for an indefinite period of time. Justifying why you did not appear could lead to reinstatement. However, we strongly recommend that you seek legal counsel any time you are required to attend a hearing.

#7.  Violation of Ignition Interlock Restriction

Many suspensions last for just a few months. However, if you violate your ignition interlock restrictions, your license could be gone for at least a year.

Generally, a judge will order someone who drove while impaired to use an ignition interlock system. These restrictions are taken seriously, especially as they are handed down because someone drove while impaired. The ignition interlock could prevent you from driving while impaired again.

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