8 Surprising Facts About Underage Drinking

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8 Surprising Facts About Underage Drinking

You have probably seen news reports, television shows, and movies about teens and alcohol. Despite all the exposure, you might be surprised by the following facts about underage drinking.

#1.  Alcohol use is the strongest predictor of other troubles.

The teenage years are full of problems and potential problems. Teens may have trouble at home, at school, at work, or with friends and acquaintances. Some of these problems are minor and likely to go away. Others can have a lasting effect.

Studies have shown that using alcohol increases the possibility that teens will be involved in physical altercations, sexual harassment, truancy, illicit drug use, and other illegal activities.

#2.  38% of NC 8th grade students have tried alcohol at least once.

This statistic was provided by TalkItOutNC. Unfortunately, older teens are not the only kids that engage in risky behavior involving alcohol.

#3.  31% of NC teens engage in binge drinking.

This surprising fact about underage drinking comes to us from the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. But what constitutes “binge drinking?” The answer varies, but generally, binge drinking is when someone drinks 4-5 or more alcoholic beverages within a few hours. This applies to the typical adult. Teenagers usually are smaller than adults so that fewer drinks would have the same effect.

#4.  Teen drinkers more likely to abuse alcohol as adults.

People often refer to childhood as the formative years. Many things we learn as children shape our behavior as adults. Underage drinking is no exception.

#5.  In 2017, 145 teen deaths were attributable to alcohol.

One study reveals that 145 people between the ages of 12 and 20 lost their lives because of alcohol. It could have been the teen who drinks several beers before getting behind the wheel or the kid walking to school who was hit by a drunk driver. Either way, alcohol contributed to these deaths.

#6.  Underage drinking increases the risk of developing mental illness.

Kids who use alcohol are more likely to suffer from mental disorders when they become adults. This includes depression and psychosis, which could lead to suicide.

#7.  26% of 2017 NC fatal crashes involving underage drivers involved underage drinking.

Teens are already inexperienced drivers. Adding alcohol to the mix can only increase their risk of having an accident.

#8.  Underage drinking also leads to more legal problems.

A ticket for underage drinking is the most obvious legal consequence. However, it’s not the only one.

Alcohol impairment could lead to an automobile accident. This, in turn, could lead to traffic citations, property damages, and personal injury claims. The worst-case scenario could involve vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide. Both civil and criminal cases could arise.

Has Your Teen Received a Ticket for Underage Drinking?

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