5 Reasons to Hire Leslie Craft for a Speeding Ticket

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  2. 5 Reasons to Hire Leslie Craft for a Speeding Ticket

You were in a hurry, not paying attention to your speedometer. You get pulled over and are handed your first speeding ticket. It is normal to be upset and feel stressed.

The ticket isn’t a felony or a misdemeanor, but a speeding ticket on your record could have long-term and serious consequences for your driving record and insurance rates. You could have to pay a large fine, you may end up losing your license and your insurance costs could sky rocket.

You already have the speeding ticket; you can’t take it back, so now you need to deal with it. Will you have to miss work to go to court? Are you worried about the outcome? You do not need to worry. Leslie Craft is a dependable attorney, and she is ready to help you find relief.

Here are five reasons to hire Leslie Craft to fight your speeding ticket.

1. When reviewing the ticket, Leslie knows what to look for.

If you know someone who got a speeding ticket and didn’t end up paying anything, then you know they probably hired an attorney. Attorneys that handle traffic tickets know errors to look for to minimize their client’s outcome. If you hire Craft Law Firm, there is a chance your ticket could be dismissed.

2. She is experienced and knows how to negotiate.

Maybe there are no errors to find, now it is time to negotiate. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can ask for concessions based on your good driving record. Or they can find other reasons to get your ticket reduced.

3. She knows your rights and is there to protect them.

When it comes to traffic law, a lawyer will know your rights. Having Leslie on your side can improve your chances of getting the ticket reduced or dismissed. Lawyers know the best way to represent you and your case before the judge.

4. It is not as expensive to hire her as you think.

You think hiring an attorney is a large expense but compared to possible outcomes it really is not. If attorneys were too expensive there would not be traffic lawyers. Believe it or not, hiring Leslie could save you hundreds, it is possible that you will pay less towards her fees and the ticket than if you tried to handle the case on your own.

5. When the prosecutor shows up, Leslie does not back down.

When you represent yourself in court the prosecutor may intimidate you. This makes sense because you don’t know how to fight them. On the contrary, when you hire Leslie, the  prosecutors know you have hired someone that will stand up for your rights. Because of this, you could end up paying less than the full ticket amount or you could possibly walk away paying nothing at all.

Our Final Thoughts on Hiring Leslie Craft

Hiring a traffic lawyer shows that you are invested in your case. Leslie Craft has a professional rapport with local prosecutors and judges which can work to your advantage. So, if you have received a traffic ticket, it is a good idea to hire Leslie Craft today. Call her at 252-752-0297!

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