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Resources NC Drivers Should Know About

As most people know, the internet is full of information, but how do you know what information is trustworthy and useful? We wanted to help North Carolina drivers answer that question, so we put together a list of three websites that can save you time, a potential headache and maybe some money.

1. The Official North Carolina DMV website

There are so many things you can do on the DMV website. You can check the status of your license and registration online, and you can even renew them online. Do you hate long lines at the DMV? Tired of being on hold for hours before getting to speak to someone? You can make appointments for a NC Real ID, License Renewal, Permits and many other things online. Simply visit the DMV website, put in your information and skip the line!

2. North Carolina Courts website

You received a ticket and you lose it, you’re not sure what to do. Go to the NC Courts website, put in your first and last name and you’ll be able to see the time, location and charges for your upcoming court date.

If you received a ticket and are looking for a traffic attorney to help you, you can also contact our office. We may be able to reduce your charge or modify your ticket to your advantage.

3. Craft Law Offices website

You received a ticket. You’re worried about losing your license, getting points added to your license and your insurance rates going up. There are a lot of traffic law attorneys, but Leslie Craft is a local traffic attorney who has a professional rapport with local prosecutors and judges which can work to her client’s advantage.

Our office will handle all the details of your case and send you updates throughout the process. Hiring an experienced traffic attorney is just a click away – and by hiring Craft Law Offices to represent you, you may not have to appear in court. Trust us to protect your driving record and your wallet. We offer free consultations in person or virtually.

We hope you’ve found these links useful. You can bookmark these pages and this blog for future reference. If you were looking for something in particular and didn’t find it here – just reach out and let us know how we can help!

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