Why Do We Have Traffic Laws?

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Why Do We Have Traffic Laws

We live in a country with many freedoms. But when it comes to driving on our highways and byways, there are strict rules to what you can and cannot do. If you resent having to stop at a red light even when no one else is on the road or having to drive 55 on a beautiful, wide-open road, this article is for you.

Traffic Laws Offer Protection

We have traffic laws to protect people on the roadways. Roadways are dangerous places, especially for pedestrians. Traffic laws can help deter bad behavior behind the wheel because drivers know (or should know) that they could be fined or arrested for ignoring traffic laws.

Drivers owe a duty of care to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians because of traffic laws. Enforcement of traffic laws reminds people of those laws and makes the roads a little safer for everyone.

Traffic Laws Promote a More Civilized Society

Some drivers will be thoughtful and considerate to other drivers on their own. The other 99% of drivers are why we have traffic laws.

Take speed limits as an example. Someone who thinks it’s fun to go 100 miles per hour on a city street is not considering the safety of other people. So they may receive a ticket or be arrested for exceeding what is probably a 25 miles per hour speed limit that’s typical on city streets.

Speed limits are set for very specific reasons, usually related to public safety. For example, a road with many intersections might have a lower speed limit than one with limited access. That’s because motorists must be more cautious as other cars move from one road to another.

Interestingly, one of the first speed limits on record was set in the 17th century. Drivers of wagons, carts, and sleighs in New Amsterdam incurred fines for galloping in town. Even before motorized vehicles, people needed to be protected from their worst impulses when it comes to driving.

Educating the Public About Safe Driving

Traffic laws teach people what is acceptable behavior and what is not. For example, every state has laws against driving while impaired. That’s because drunk driving kills an estimated 28 people every day. Most people know that drunk driving is against the law, but other laws are less noticeable.

For example, North Carolina drivers may not know that it’s against the law to park on the highway or drive too slowly. Traffic laws like this help inform drivers of unusual situations that could be dangerous.

Have You Broken Any North Carolina Traffic Laws?

Attorney Leslie Craft has the experience you need to deal with traffic violations. Ms. Craft’s goal is always to help her clients get past their legal problems and get on with their lives.

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